When you are flying into the Los Angles Airport, book a stay at the recently remodeled Topper Motel. We are following the California Department of Public Health Covid-19 guidelines for hotels and motels.

In addition to frequent handwashing and performing health screenings of our employees before the beginning of their shifts, we are adhering to the guidelines for your safety in these ways:

  • When employees are in the vicinity of others, face coverings are strongly recommended. Workers should have face covers available and wear them when in offices and breakrooms, on property, or operating a vehicle with others during work hours. The face coverings may not be shared by employees.
  • Motels will provide face coverings to housekeepers and other non-guests who must enter guest rooms. Housekeeping staff must only service vacant rooms to minimize exposure to guests. Housekeepers are instructed to limit handling of guests’ personal belongings when cleaning the rooms. Housekeepers are instructed to open windows and/or operate ventilation systems to increase air circulation.
  • Baggage deliveries should be done when rooms are unoccupied either before guests arrive or after they have left their rooms. Employees must observe the 6-foot safety space between themselves and guests.

Book your stay at Topper Motel in Inglewood, CA. Call (310) 671-0424 to check availability.