Summer vacation is a wonderful time of year for all. Unfortunately, the past couple of years with COVID-19 has got some of us really stressed out. Most of us, actually. If the current state of the world has got you feeling overwhelmed, run-down, and like you need a vacation, there are still some ways that you can “get away” at home despite the travel restrictions that have been placed upon us during COVID. You don’t have to go far to get the rest and relaxation you desire – and deserve!

General tips to keep your summer active

Set the Mood

Choose a place you want to “visit” during your home vacation. Order food from that area’s cuisine, put on a movie from that country (with subtitles), and play music in their language. This will make you feel immersed in the culture that you were originally wanting to travel to, and it may even be a good first step to take so that you can get a feel for it before actually traveling to your desired destination once travel restrictions lessen. The more you do this before investing in potentially expensive trips, the more you’ll be able to get a feel for where you’re going before you actually go.

Treat Yourself

Vacations are about having a good time, so feel free to splurge on a new outfit, a nice trinket that you have been eyeing for a while, or a special takeout meal that you’ve been craving but is normally out of your budget. You deserve it!

Go Outside

Being in your house all the time, you’re missing out on that Vitamin D! When you travel, you are certainly not staying indoors all the time. Go to your backyard or just for a walk around your neighborhood. Maybe take a photo or two, and you’ll feel like it’s summer vacation time for sure.

Trying new experiences of all kinds

Summer is the perfect time to give new experiences a chance. Summer is the target for most event planners, festivals, etc. Depending where you are there’s all kind of places to treat yourself to new experiences. However, Los Angeles is a prime target for almost every form of entertainment. Take advantage of it!

Theme parks Los Angeles has several high-profile amusement parks in the area. When enjoying your stay at the Topper Motel, you’ll be at the epicenter for these kind of exciting experiences. Luckily enough, their hours are convenient, but you’ll also have to beat the crowds. Take the time to plan out your stay and do your research to best operate around.

Festivals – Festivals are another great opportunity for new experiences. Music festivals are the primary focus for summer events, which you can keep up with on social media as well. From there, you’ll get the best times to go, when the festival will be absolutely packed and days it may be less crowded so that you can have the best experience possible.

Nature and hikes – Hikes and getting acclimated with the surrounding area is a great opportunity to experience the outdoors. If you are only comfortable with safer climates, be sure to take this into account as you look for new areas to explore. Los Angeles particularly has a pretty strong variety. You’ll be able to get a bit of the beach while also getting the mountains and plenty of green space. However, these can be treacherous as well. Ensure you are well prepared and equipped for anything ahead.

Local events – Events that businesses and residents local to LA county will be tougher to find depending on the time of year you go. However, summer is extremely popular for street fairs and other similar events. Be on the lookout through local media or any socials you may follow for these sort of experiences as well.

For necessary travel, visit Topper Motel near LAX for your summer vacation needs. We would love to hear from you!