While the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt by all of us, some might think life is over until the virus settles down, including in Los Angeles, but this doesn’t have to be the case. As most Americans huddle in their homes to await the virus to pass, others need to travel for work and to complete other personnel matters.

Although Los Angeles and other surrounding areas are under a stay at home order issued by the government, there’s still a few things you can do while you’re intown.

Check out some awesome things to do in Los Angeles, even during COVID:

1) Catch a drive-in movie! With retro theaters and new locations popping up during COVID, it looks like this classic trend might stay for good! Electric Dusk Drive-In in Glendale, Arcadia’s Street Food Cinema, and the Rose Bowl Drive-In are just three of the locations to catch a movie at.

2) Check out an outdoor tour. Whether it’s a first-class tour of Los Angeles by air with Elite Adventure Tours, visiting the Battleship USS Iowa from WWII and the Korean War, or Bikes & Hikes LA, you’re certain to discover something cool.

3) Get outside! While many are concerned about being in groups indoors (with limited air circulation, don’t fret! There’s plenty you can do outdoors, such as hiking in Fremont Canyon or to the Hollywood sign, walking the Venice to Santa Monica boardwalk, catching some waves on a Malibu beach, or getting your “shop on” at Westfield Century City’s shopping center.

Always remember, keep yourself safe.