As exciting as planning a trip to a new destination can be, it can also get a little stressful trying to curtail expenses while on a budget. One of the greatest things about the city of Los Angeles is that it can easily be explored without having to break the bank.

Here are 6 completely free things to do in Los Angeles. 

1. Santa Monica Pier and Beach

This iconic beach scene has been featured in a vast number of Hollywood films and TV shows and is definitely worth checking out. 

2. The Getty Center

Famous for its astounding architecture and gorgeous gardens, the Getty offers an impressive rotation of exhibitions and completely free admission.

3. Venice Canals

Concealed between the chic Abbot Kinney and bum-filled Venice Boardwalk, the Venice Canals is home to a beautifully tranquil scene of canal-line blocks, arched bridges, and lush greenery.

4. Griffith Observatory

Perched on Mount Hollywood, the observatory boasts beautiful views of the Los Angeles Basin and the stars at night. 

5. Korean Bell of Friendship

A 1976 gift of goodwill from South Korea, this stately structure sits on a grassy bluff over the Pacific and is an ideal place for a picnic or some kite-flying.

6. The Hollywood Sign 

A sign that was supposed to only stand for a year and a half has now become an iconic part of the city of stars since 1923 and can be seen on Beachwood Drive or be hiked to on the Bush Canyon trail.

These only scratch the surface of the amazing (and free!) experiences that can be had in Los Angeles. Good luck, stay safe, and happy travels!